County Teams Plate 1997/1998

Preliminary Round       (deadline Tuesday 25th November 1997)
MATCH P:        ZAKRZEWSKI      bt      Copping           by 70 IMPs on 19 Nov

Round One               (deadline Tuesday 27th January 1998)
MATCH 1:        ZIVAN           bt      Zakrzewski        walk-over
MATCH 2:        STELMASHENKO    bt      N Jones           by 92 IMPs by 20 Jan
MATCH 3:        KNIGHTS         bt      Jacobsberg        by 28 IMPs on 25 Nov
MATCH 4:        LAST            bt      Man               by 31 IMPs on 23 Dec
MATCH 5:        KENDRICK        bt      Wightwick         by 37 IMPs on 12 Jan
MATCH 6:        LARLHAM         bt      P Jones           by 30 IMPs on 18 Nov
MATCH 7:        PAL             bt      Porter            by 66 IMPs on 27 Jan
MATCH 8:        WOODRUFF        bt      Oxley             by 20 IMPs on 01 Dec

The following represents a random draw for the Plate. Copping and
Zakrzewski were seeded, purely to ensure that they would not meet
again until the Plate Final, on grounds that they had already met in
the Preliminary Round of the main competition. GCW.

Plate Quarter-Finals    (deadline Tuesday 24th February 1998)
MATCH E:        ZAKRZEWSKI      bt      Jacobsberg        by  2 IMPs on 18 Feb
MATCH F:        OXLEY           bt      P Jones           by 19 IMPs on 03 Mar
MATCH G:        PORTER          bt      N Jones           walk-over
MATCH H:        MAN             bt      Copping           by  7 IMPs on 18 Feb

Plate Semi-Finals       (deadline Tuesday 24th March 1998)
MATCH V:        OXLEY           bt      Zakrzewski        by  8 IMPs on 01 Apr
MATCH W:        PORTER          bt      Man               by 18 IMPs on 02 Mar

Plate Final             (deadline Tuesday 28th April 1998)
PLATE FINAL:    OXLEY           bt      Porter            by 44 IMPs on 27 Apr