County Teams Plate 1998/1999

Round One       (deadline Wednesday 20th January 1999)
MATCH 1:        COPPING         beat     Faber            by 39 IMPs on 14 Jan
MATCH 2:        MAN (bye)
MATCH 3:        LAST            beat     Shaw             by 17 IMPs on 24 Nov
MATCH 4:        HARRISON        beat     Oxley            by  1 IMP  on 15 Jan
MATCH 5:        WOODRUFF        beat     Larlham          by 26 IMPs on 16 Nov
MATCH 6:        JAGGER (bye)
MATCH 7:        ZAKRZEWSKI      best     Gerloch          by 12 IMPs on 07 Dec
MATCH 8:        KNIGHTS         beat     Jacobsberg       by 24 IMPs on 18 Nov

The Plate Quarter-Finals have been drawn randomly, except that David
Man's team have been awarded a bye as they are have not yet played
their first match in the main competition.

Plate Quarter-Finals    (deadline Wednesday 24th February 1999)
MATCH E:        SHAW            beat     Faber            (walk-over)
MATCH F:        OXLEY           beat     Gerloch          by 58 IMPs on 19 Mar
MATCH G:        JACOBSBERG      beat     Larlham          by 32 IMPs on 18 Feb
MATCH H:        MAN (bye)

Plate Semi-Finals       (deadline Wednesday 31st March 1999)
MATCH V:        OXLEY           beat     Shaw             by 53 IMPs on 06 Apr
MATCH W:        JACOBSBERG      beat     Man              by 40 IMPs on 08 Apr

Plate Final             (deadline Wednesday 28th April 1999)
PLATE FINAL:    OXLEY           beat     Jacobsberg