Held at the Thursday Bridge Club, Adrian House, Grange Road, Cambridge, on
Thursday 10th May 2001


David Harrison Vice President Cambridge
Chris Jagger Chairman Cambridge
David Carmichael Secretary Cambridge
Peter Last Treasurer Cambridge
Philip Wraight Tournament Organiser Cambridge

Members: 38

1. Apologies for absence

Ann Curtin, John Turner, Chris Larlham, Ray Keech, David Allen, Margaret Jude.

2. Minutes of the AGM held on Wednesday 3rd May 2000

These had been distributed to the Clubs and were taken as read and approved.

3. Matters arising from the minutes

4. Reports

5. Subscriptions for 2001/2002

Chris Jagger pointed out that this item should be Subs for 2002/3, the idea being that the subs are set in advance so that they can be collected on April 1st 2002 without waiting for the AGM in May. In view of the healthy state of the finances, it was agreed unanimously that the subs for next year should remain unchanged at the present level.

6. Trophies

Rosemary Bissett presented the County Individual trophy to the winner David Carmichael. The County Pairs winners, Ross Midgely and Neil Pimblett were not present to receive their trophy. Other trophies on display but not presented were for the Jubilee Pairs (taking place on June 10th) and the County KO (not yet completed).

7. Election of Officers for 2000/2001

The present Office Bearers, with one exception, are happy to continue and therefore remain in place. The exception is in the post of Membership Secretary where Margaret Jude has indicated a wish to hand over as soon as a replacement can be found. It was agreed that the Committee should deal with this.

8. Election of President

Chris Jagger spoke on behalf of the Committee to recommend to the Meeting that Andrew Lansley CBE MP should be appointed President of the Association. Andrew is a Member of the Shadow Cabinet and Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party. He is a prominent public figure and a local resident. Committee Members had met him and he had presented the prizes at the New Players Tournament. It had been ascertained that he did play Bridge and would be prepared to accept the position. The aims of the Association had been explained to him as the encouragement of Bridge as a social and competitive activity throughout Cambs and Hunts, recognition of Bridge as a sport of the mind and as a suitable activity for young people at Schools and elsewhere. It was agreed unanimously that Chris should write a formal invitation to him to become our President.

9. Members' Delegate

It was reported that Mr Allan Threadgold was a local Bridge Player not being a Member of an affiliated Club who had shown some interest in County affairs. Chris Jagger would contact him to see if he would be interested.

10. Appointment of Auditor

David Man was available for re-election and this was readily agreed by the meeting.

11. Chairman's Remarks

Chris Jagger offered his thanks to each of the Officers on the Committee for their work during the year. He also offered special thanks to Jonathan Mestel for his work on the County Newsletter, David Allen for his work on the web site and Brian Copping for initially suggesting Andrew Lansley as a prospective President.

The Thursday Club was thanked for hosting the Meeting.

Chris also said that the Association was keen to develop and there were encouraging signs in the introduction of the New Players Tournament and the resurrection of the Jubilee Pairs in Swiss Pairs format. He looked forward to the enthusiastic support of all Members in the future.

12. Any other business

Brian Copping noted that the Membership Secretary used to send out reminders to Clubs of the affiliation fee becoming due. The meeting closed with a vote of thanks to David Harrison for Chairing the Meeting at approximately 7.45pm.

David Carmichael
Hon Sec.


Subsequent to the Meeting it was agreed that the next AGM should take place on Friday May 10th 2002 at the Cottenham Club.