County Teams Plate 2000/2001

First time losers (in the preliminary round or first round) of the County Teams Knockout may enter the plate competition.The County Teams Knockout is the county's premier green-pointed teams-of-four championship with matches played in players' homes. The winners will represent the county in the Pachabo. 

The following teams have entered this year's competition:

Daniel ELSTEIN, Worters, Morton, Pal, Jones
Jenny JACOBSBERG, Joanne Caldwell, Ann Curtin, John Turner, Harrison
Margaret JUDE, Jo Patten, Colin Campbell, John Tidswell
Toby KENNEY, Ivan Ivanov, John Haslegrave, Jonathan Monroe
Peter LAST, Bryan Last, David Allen, Kiki Allen
David MAN, Dennis Marrian, Stuart Warren, Hodgson, Ken Jackson
Matt MAY, Niel Pimblett, Carl De Vries, Derek Green
Tapan PAL, Peter Shawdon, Arie Schechter, A N Other
Penny RILEY, Ken Riley, Cynthia Bull, Nick Bull
Andy DE SOUZA, Michal Vine, Teymour Tahseen, David Collier, Sheppard

Prelimininary Round (to be played by 31st January 2001)

A DE SOUZA beat RILEY by 37 IMPs
B LAST beat MAY by 50 IMPs

Quarter-finals (to be played by 28th February 2001)

Q1 MAN lost to DE SOUZA by 14 IMPs
Q4 LAST beat JUDE by 40 IMPs

Semi-finals (to be played by 28th March 2001)

S2 KENNEY lost to LAST by 78 IMPs

Final (to be played by 25th April 2001)

DE SOUZA lost to LAST by 61 IMPs

In each of the above matches, the first named team is the home side. However an undergraduate team drawn away who would have great difficulty in reaching the away venue, have the option of requesting a home venue.

With the agreement of both captains, an extension beyond the specified date for completing a round can be granted by application to the Tournament Organiser. If team captains are unable to agree on a date, matches will be played at Cambridge Bridge Club on the latest specified date for the round. Should this be necessary, the Secretary of the Cambridge Club is to be advised of your intention. County boards will be made available if sufficient notice is given. A team failing to attend will be eliminated by default.

All rounds will be of 24 boards. Teams may contain up to 6 players. Additional players, who have not played for any other team in the current knockout or plate, may be added at any time if the Tournament Organiser is informed.