Good Results from Cambs & Hunts Players 2000 / 2001

Spring Bank Holiday Congress - May 2001

Chris Jagger & John Young came 6th in the Championship Pairs at the Spring Bank Holiday Congress. Catherine Jagger was 7th, playing with Sharleen Robson.

Spring Foursomes - May 2001

Catherine Jagger was part of the team that finished 4th in the Hamilton Cup.

Norfolk (Kings Lynn) Congress - April 2001

Friday afternoon open pairs - Kit & Jane Orde-Powlett came 2nd. They followed this up with 2nd place in the Championship Pairs for the Norfolk Cup. Peter & Myra Burrows won the Friday teams of four. Nadia Stelmasheno, Victor Milman & John Young were 2nd in the Norfolk Swiss Teams. Peter Burrows, Myra Burrows & David Kendrick came 3rd.

National Pairs - April 2001

Chris & Catherine Jagger were 2nd in the National Pairs. Julian Wightwick & Giles Woodruff came 6th.

National Under 25 Pairs - April 2001

Gareth Birdsall & Rachel Wade finished 4th in the National Under 25 Pairs.

Easter Festival of Bridge - April 2001

Chris & Catherine Jagger finished 4th in the Mixed Pairs.

Giles Woodruff & Gareth Birdsall were 3rd in the Open Pairs.

Nadia Stelmashenko & Victor Milman came 5th in the `A' Flight Swiss Teams. Giles Woodruff & Rod Oakford were 9th.

Catherine & Chris Jagger came 9th in the `A' Flight Swiss Pairs.

Matt May & Niel Pimblett won the `B' Flight Swiss Pairs. Paul Thomas finished 2nd.

Portland Pairs - March 2001

Chris & Catherine Jagger were the top placed Cambs & Hunts pair in the Portland Pairs, coming 16th.

National Pairs Regional Finals - March 2001

Julian Wightwick & Giles Woodruff finished 2nd at Peterborough. Catherine & Chris Jagger were 3rd.

One Day Events - March 2001

Rachel Wade, Gareth Birdsall, Alastair Brodie and Don Macfarlane were 5th in the Bedfordshire Swiss Teams. Karl Shaw, Giles Woodruff, Catherine Jagger and Fiske Warren were 6th; Chris Jagger and John Young were 8th.

National Men's Pairs - January 2001

John Young finished 3rd in the National Men's Pairs, playing with John Collings. Chris Jagger & Giles Woodruff were 5th.

National Swiss Teams - January 2001

David Kendrick & Roger Gibbons played on the team that finished 3rd in the National Swiss Teams. Chris Jagger & John Young came 8th. Catherine Jagger came 12th.

Year End Congress - December 2000

Gerard Thompson and Michael Ashe were 2nd in the Open Pairs; Giles Woodruff and Gareth Birdsall were 5th. Chris Jagger was 7th in the Men's Pairs. Gerard Thompson, Michael Ashe, Gareth Birdsall and Rachel Wade were 4th in the Swiss Teams.

Gold Cup Finals - December 2000

An excellent result for David Kendrick's team who lost the final of the Gold Cup 138 - 108 to a very strong team including Tony Forrester and the Hackett twins.

National Womens Teams - December 2000

Catherine Jagger played on a team that narrowly lost in the semi-final of the Whitelaw Cup (by 2 IMPs).
Nadia Stelmashenko finished fifth in the Whitelaw Plate.

Autumn Congress - October 2000

John Young playing with Tim Rees finished 6th in the final of the Two Star Pairs.
David Kendrick playing with Roger Gibbons won the Satellite Pairs.

England Womens Trials Stage 1 - October 2000

Catherine Jagger finished 4th in the first stage of the England Women's Trials, playing with Sarah Teshome.

One Day Events - September 2000

Hertfordshire Swiss Teams: Giles Woodruff and Gerard Thompson won the event, playing with Andy Bowles and Shireen Mohandes. Victor Milman and Nadia Stelmashenko were 4th, playing with David and Jane Jenson.

Leicestershire Swiss Teams: Catherine Jagger was 4th, playing with Sarah Tesholme, Sandra Penfold and Nevena Senior.

National Inter-Club Knock-Out Final - September 2000

Cambridge A (Chris Jagger, Catherine Jagger, John Young, Ed Linfield) beat Bradford D by 6 IMPs to win the National Inter-Club Knock-Out (NICKO).

EBU Junior Trials - August 2000

Gareth Birdsall & Rachel Wade finished 2nd in the EBU Junior Trials.

Brighton Summer Congress - August 2000

John Young & Chris Jagger finished 7th in the Swiss Pairs.  Karl Shaw and Giles Woodruff were equal 33rd.

Giles Woodruff, with Oxfordshire team-mates Paul Fearnhead, Alex Fearnhead and Amit Badiani led the qualifiers for the A final of the Swiss Teams and eventually finished 4th.

John Young, Chris Jagger, Catherine Jagger & Harold Wayne just missed out on the A and B finals but won the Brighton Bowl for Swiss Teams - the best of the rest.

Chris Jagger and Catherine Jagger were 3rd in the 1st Sunday Open Pairs.  John Young & Tracy Capal were 2nd in the Thursday Open Pairs.

One Day Green Point Events - August 2000

Chris Jagger & John Young were equal 4th in the Hertfordshire Swiss Teams.

Bedford Congress - July 2000

Victor Milman, Nadia Stelmashenko, Sigis Kera and Laura Sedgwick were 2nd in the Swiss Teams. Philip Wraight, Sally Wraight, Sonia Zakrzewski and Gareth Birdsall were equal 5th with Don McFarlane, Alastair Brodie and team-mates.

Pachabo Cup - June 2000

John Young, Ed Linfield, Chris Jagger and Julian Wightwick finished 4th of 34 Counties in the Pachabo Cup.

One Day Green Point Events - May 2000

Chris Jagger and John Young were 5th in the London Swiss Teams. Catherine Jagger and Fiske Warren were 6th.

National Pairs Final - April 2000

Alastair Brodie & Don Macfarlane won the National Pairs.  Chris & Catherine Jagger were 7th.

Under 25 Pairs - April 2000

Cambs & Hunts players showed strongly in the Under 25 Pairs. Rachel Wade & Lior Zivan were 1st, Catherine Jagger was 2nd (with Alan Shillitoe) and Ian Grieg & Sonia Zakrzewski were 3rd.

Portland Pairs - March 2000

John Young won the Portland Pairs  playing with Sandra Landy.  Paula Leslie & Giles Woodruff were 11th.

Harrogate Congress - February 2000

John Young, Chris Jagger, Catherine Jagger and Gareth Roberts won the Swiss Teams.

Gareth Roberts & Chris Jagger were 7th in the Swiss Pairs.

Nicko 2000

Chris & Catherine Jagger, Ed Linfield, John Young have reached the semi-final of the NICKO.