County Teams Plate 2001/2002

First time losers (in the preliminary round or first round) of the County Teams Knockout may enter the plate competition.

The County Teams Knockout is the county's premier green-pointed teams-of-four championship with matches played in players' homes. The winners of the knockout will represent the county in the Pachabo.

The following teams have entered the 2001 / 2002 competition:

Brian COPPING, Mike Tedham, Samuel, Chandler, Waters
Eryl HOWARD, Eric Campbell, Tapan Pal, Randolf Jordan
Paul HUGGINS, Richardson, Hodge, David Collier

Philip JONES, Brenda Jones, Sheila Lancaster, Eric Lancaster

Toby KENNEY, Teymur Tahseen, Andrew de Souza, Jonathan Monroe
Chris LARLHAM, Orde-Powlett, John Constable, David Nicholson, Ross Midgley, Fiske Warren
Jo PATTEN, Margaret Jude, David Richer, David Waldman
Dominic PINTO, Scheffler, Paxman, Shuter
Penny RILEY, Ken Riley, Cynthia Bull, Nicholas Bull
Ted SHAW, David Pett, Roger Courtney, Paul Thomas

The draw is given below.

First Round (to be played by 23rd January 2002)

F1 KENNEY beat JONES by 52 IMPs
F2 HUGGINS lost to PINTO by 26 IMPs

Quarter-finals (to be played by 13th February 2002)

Q1 PATTEN beat SHAW by default
Q2 KENNEY beat RILEY by 52 IMPs
Q3 LARLHAM lost to PINTO by 13 IMPs
Q4 COPPING lost to HOWARD by 57 IMPs

Semi-finals (to be played by 13th March 2002)

Semi 1 PATTEN lost to KENNEY by 54 IMPs
Semi 2 PINTO beat HOWARD by 37 IMPs

Final (to be played by 24th April 2002)

KENNEY beat PINTO by 18 IMPs


In each of the above matches, the first named team is the home side. However an undergraduate team drawn away who would have difficulty in reaching the away venue, has the option of requesting that the match be played in Cambridge (and to provide a venue if necessary).

If team captains are unable to agree on a date, the Tournament Organiser should be informed. He will usually permit a later date agreeable to both captains. Failing that, matches should be played at Cambridge Bridge Club on the latest specified date for the round. (In this case the Cambridge Club Secretary should be informed). A team failing to attend will be eliminated by default.

Rounds up to the final will be 24 boards.The final will be of 24 boards, or 32 if both captains agree. Predealt boards, with hand records, can be made available for a charge by request to the Tournament Organiser, giving as much notice as possible (24 boards £8, 32 boards £10)

Teams may contain up to 6 players, only 4 of whom will play in any one match. Additional players,who must not have played for another team in the KO or Plate, up to the maximum of 6, may be added at any time but must be registered with the Tournament Organiser before playing in a match.