County Teams Plate 2003 / 2004

First time losers (in the preliminary round or first round) of the County Teams Knockout may enter the plate competition. The following teams have entered this year's competition:

Jenny JACOBSBERG, Joanne Caldwell, Peter Shawdon, Ian McDonald
Peter JACKSON, Carole Parker, Peter Bhagat, Mike Seaver
Philip JONES, Brenda Jones, Maureen Gardner, Gordon Gardner
Brian COPPING, Mike Tedham, David Samuel, Lorraine Waters
Matthew MAY, Niel Pimblett, Tristan Williams, Trevor Martin
Penny RILEY, Ken Riley, Nick Bull, Cynthia Bull
Carl DE VRIES, Gay Wilkins, Bill Penfold, Tania O'Farrell
David MAN, Ken Jackson, Paul Lefort, Wendy Lefort, Annette Gerloch


Q1 MAN lost to JACOBSBERG by 19 IMPs.
Q2 DE VRIES lost to MAY by 94 IMPs.
Q3 JACKSON beat JONES by 19 IMPs.
Q4 COPPING beat RILEY by 42 IMPs.


S1 JACOBSBERG lost to MAY by 28 IMPs
S2 JACKSON lost to COPPING by 2 IMPs


MAY beat COPPING by 42 IMPs