2009/2010 Tournament Winners 

Event Winners
County Pairs Marion King & Trevor King
County Individual Norman Hutchinson
Jubilee Swiss Pairs Peter Bhagat & Mike Seaver
County Teams Knockout Catherine Curtis, Paul Fegarty, David Kendrick, Jon Cooke
County Teams Plate Wendy Pollard, Dominic Clark, Fred Langford, Roger Courtney
Open Swiss Teams Not played
Garden Cities Qualifier Peterborough A (M Tilley, K Tilley, K Farquhar, U Cotuk, M King, T King, T Thrower, C Heames)
Novice Pairs Catherine Poulson & Juliet Gadney
C&H League Division 1 Ely 1 (John Aspinall, Julie Aspinall, Peter Burrows, Myra Burrows, Paul Fegarty, Catherine Curtis)
C&H League Division 2 Crafts Hill (Peter Somerfield, Derek Oxbrow, Derek Sayers, Margaret Sayers)
C&H League Division 3 University 2 (James Lawrence)
C&H League Division 4 University 3 (Ben Reilly, Carrie Oliver, JJ Wilks, Ralph Owen, Jonathan Cairns, Andre Kueh)

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26th June 2010: Rod Oakford & Sue Oakford won the Northants Green Point Swiss Pairs.  Mike Seaver and Peter Bhagat were equal seventh.

12th June 2010: Peterborough Bridge Club held its annual Charity event on Saturday June 12th and raised £288 for the local Sue Ryder Hospice for the terminally ill.  The day started at 11.00 am with a teaching session by Graham Hedley on Slam bidding and was followed by a Pairs competition in the afternoon and a seeded teams in the evening. 

6th June 2010: Rod Oakford & Victor Milman (21st out of 113 pairs) were the highest placed Cambs & Hunts pair in the Corwen Trophy.

1st June 2010: Ely 1 have retained division 1 of the CHBL. University 3 have won division 3.

1st June 2010: Catherine Curtis, Paul Fegarty, David Kendrick and Jon Cooke have won the County Knockout, beating the Jagger team in the final.

1st June 2010: Dave Harrison's team (Sue Oakford, Victor Milman, Nadia Stelmashenko, Clive Stops) finished 3= out of 8 in the final of the Crockfords Plate, just 4 vps off the top.

29th May 2010: Chris Jagger won both the qualifier and the semi-final in the main pairs event at the Spring Bank Holiday Congress, but in the final finished behind both Cath Jagger & Jonathan Mestel (3rd) and Victor Milman & Nadia Stelmashenko (7th).  Chris finished second in the teams A flight.

12th May 2010: Wendy Pollard, Dominic Clark, Fred Langford & Roger Courtney have won the County Teams Plate, beating David Richer's team by 51 IMPs  in the final.

9th May 2010: ECL vs Herts: A team lost 1 - 19; B team lost 2 - 18; C team lost 0 - 20.

25th April 2010: Mike Seaver & Peter Bhagat won the County Swiss Pairs.

19th April 2010: Crafts Hill win division 2 of the league, narrowly ahead of North Camridge 1.

13th March 2010: Catherine Poulson & Juliet Gadney won the Novice Pairs Tournament.

7th March 2010: Peterborough A won the qualifying heat for the Garden Cities.

28th February 2010: ECL vs Bedfordshire: A team won 20 - 0; B team won 12 - 8; C team lost 6 - 14.  Congratulations to the A team for winning the top division for the first time in many years.

20th February 2010: Kieran Tilley represented England U20 in the Peggy Bayer Trophy this weekend, 20-21 February. England finished second.

7th February 2010: Marion & Trevor King won the County Pairs final.

31st January 2010: ECL vs Norfolk: A team lost 9 - 11; B team won 11 - 9; C team won 17 - 3.

24th January 2010: Norman Hutchinson won the County Individual.

29th November 2009: Cambs & Hunts ended up in the "group of death" at the Tollemache and finished 5th in group D.  Chris Jagger and Giles Woodruff were the 6th best pair in the Butler rankings.

15th November 2009: ECL vs Northants.  A team won 16-4; B team lost 0-20; C team lost 0-20.

17th October 2009:ECL vs University. A team won 16-4; B team won 20-0; C team won 20-0.

11th October 2009: Road & Sue Oakford won the Championship Pairs at the Felixstowe Congress. Victor Milman & Nadia Stelmashenko came 2nd. Victor and Nadia also finished 2nd in the Swiss Teams.

9th October 2009: Entry form for Open Swiss Teams.

20th September 2009: ECL vs Suffolk: A team won 11 - 9, B team lost 0 - 20, C team won 13 - 7.

24th August 2009: Top Cambs & Hunts players in the Swiss Teams at Brighton were Catherine Curtis and Paul Fegarty in 13th place.

16th August 2009: Chris Jagger & Ian Pagan finished 2nd in the Swiss Pairs at Brighton. Cath Jagger & Jonathan Mestel were equal 30th, with Peter & Bryan Last 2VPs further back in equal 39th.

26th July 2009: ECL vs Essex: A team won 20-0, B team lost 7-13, C team lost 0-20.

12th July 2009: ECL vs Hertfordshire: A team won 12-8, B team won 16-4, C team drew 10-10.