County Teams Knockout 2011 / 2012

The major green-pointed teams-of-four championship with matches played privately. The winners will represent the county in the Pachabo. There is also a Plate event for first round losers.

This is a level 3 event. Masterpoints won will be direct credited with the EBU (green points for the main competition, local points for the Plate event). Results may be notified using this result sheet and sent to Chris Jagger or with the same information via email to

The Winners for 2011/2012 - retaining their title - were Chris Jagger, Catherine Jagger, Julian Wightwick and Jonathan Mestel.

Round 0

P1 Tom Rainforth lost to Wendy Pollard by 4 IMPs

Round 1

F1 Catherine Curtis beat Paul Russell by 60 IMPs
F2 Peter Jackson beat Bill Stevenson by 14 IMPs
F3 Wendy Pollard lost to Nadia Stelmashenko by 14 IMPs
F4 Matthew May beat Jo Patten
F5 Penny Riley lost to Chris Jagger by 81 IMPs
F6 Brian Copping lost to Mike Seaver by 92 IMPs
F7 Jenny Jacobsberg beat Chris Larlham by 32 IMPs
F8 Trevor King beat Malcolm Anderson by 21 IMPs


Q1 Catherine Curtis beat Peter Jackson
Q2 Nadia Stelmashenko lost to Matthew May by 60 IMPs
Q3 Chris Jagger beat Mike Seaver by 17 IMPs
Q4 Jenny Jacobsberg beat Trevor King by 22 IMPs


S1 Catherine Curtis beat Matthew May by 81 IMPs
S2 Chris Jagger beat Jenny Jacobsberg by 75 IMPs


Catherine Curtis lost to Chris Jagger by 45 IMPs

Organised by: Chris Jagger