Cambs & Hunts County Plate 2014-15

This is a Level 4 convention event.

This year we have the draw online in diagram form. Thanks to Peter Jackson for this suggestion. The higher of each pair of teams is the home team.

Please send results by email to, or by post using the results form to Chris Jagger, 14 St Barnabas Court, Cambridge, CB1 2BZ.  Either way, please let me know the names of those who actually played the match, and the margin in IMPs. Please also notify your potential opponents for the next round.

County Plate 2014-15 Results
Round 0 by 20/Feb Round 1 by 20/March Semi-finals by 20/April Final by 20/May WINNER
A Riley
1 Chan (+64)
B Chan (+3)
SF1 Chan (+48)
2 Richer
F1 Chan (w/o)
3 Gorman
SF2 Copping
4 Copping (+78)
W Chan
C May (+54)
5 May (w/o)
D Quek
SF3 May (+19)
6 Stevenson
F2 May
7 Anderson (+25)
SF4 Anderson
8 May


  • ANDERSON: Malcolm Anderson, John Lambsden, Stephen Goodwin, Jonathan Taylor, Michael Krause, Roger Farrington
  • CHAN: Ryan Chan
  • COPPING: Brian Copping, Mike Clydesdale, David Samuel, Dick Perry
  • GORMAN: Stuart and Rosemary Gorman, Jonathan Bradshaw, George Buckham
  • MAN: David Man, Roseanne Mattick, Simon Stokes, Tanawan Watts
  • MAY: Matt May, Niel Pimblett, Trevor Martin, Tristan Williams
  • QUEK: Ethan Quek
  • RICHER: David Richer, David Waldman, Jane Woodhouse, Colin Campbell, Sheila Ferguson
  • RILEY: Penny and Ken Riley, Norman and Rosalind Hutchinson
  • STEVENSON: Bill Stevenson

    In each match, the first named team is at home. An undergraduate team drawn away who would have difficulty in reaching the away venue has the option of requesting that the match be played in Cambridge (and to provide a venue if necessary).

    The home team is responsible for organising a suitable venue (and bearing any costs), preferably consisting of two separate playing rooms, and for providing equipment (tables, boards, bidding boxes and score cards) and refreshments (tea/coffee and biscuits would suffice).

    If team captains are unable to agree on a date, the Tournament Organiser should be informed. He may permit a later date agreeable to both captains. Failing that, matches must be played at Cambridge Bridge Club in the week following the latest specified date for the round. NOTE that this may prove difficult if the date coincides with a special Cambridge Club event. Please check with the Cambridge Club Secretary before arranging matches there. A team failing to attend will be eliminated by default.

    Rounds will be 24 boards, or 32 if both captains agree. If the scores are level at the end of a match, 4 extra boards must be played playing straight through against one opposing pair. If the scores are still level, change opponents and play further boards, repeating this process until the tie is broken.

    Predealt boards may be used if both teams agree beforehand.

    Teams may contain up to 6 players, only 4 of whom may play in any one match. Additional players, up to the maximum, may be added at any time but must be registered with the Tournament Organiser before playing in a match.