Report from your County Membership Secretary, Penny Riley

I have held this post since September 2001 when I took over from Margaret Jude. She held this post for many years and has done a great job computerising the database.

It involves:

  1. Updating the database with all the EBU members who choose Cambs and Hunts as their first County.
    (This includes a separate section for those enrolled in Bridge for All).
  2. Collecting fees from the 18 clubs in this County affiliated to the EBU.
  3. Collecting subscriptions from those EBU members who do not pay by direct debit or credit card.
  4. An annual visit to Aylesbury to meet other Membership Secretaries and to exchange ideas.
  5. Using the database to provide labels for, and aid distribution of, the newsletters*.

* For the distribution of newsletters, I need to know each member's main Club.

Membership of the EBU

is important to all club bridge players because everyone benefits from the structure provided by the EBU.

Where would a club be without a Director, without movements and methods of scoring, without points, without a shop from where to purchase tables, cloths and cards etc., without a variety of people to play, without competitions against other clubs, without the chance to play in County or National events, without Bridge holidays and congresses, and without a magazine that provides news and information.

You might say that you are not interested in anything else beyond the club night, but others in your club may well be. Good Directors will have had some training either directly or indirectly from the EBU and everyone knows that the Director can make, or spoil, the fun of the meeting.

At present we have 391 members within this county, which represents about 50% of all the clubs' players.

Being a member of the EBU supports this structure which ensures that you will have enjoyable sessions of bridge at whatever level you play. So do join up this year and encourage other players to do so too.

Members' Subscriptions for this coming year are 17.50 and are due from April 1st. (Under 25s pay 4.50 and Under 17s pay 1.50)

There are four methods of payment.
Most members choose (i) or (iii).

  1. The best method is to pay by direct debit. (Forms are available from your club treasurer.)
  2. Phone Aylesbury and pay by credit card. (01296 317201)
  3. Collected by club treasurers and then forwarded to me.
  4. Sent directly to me as a cheque for 17.50 made out to Cambs and Hunts CBA.

I will then update my database before forwarding the money to the County Treasurer, David Man. He will retain 3.00 per member (50p. per student) for the County and forward 14.50 per member (4.00 for under 25 or 1.00 for under 17) to the EBU.

Club Affiliation Fees are 22.50 (Schools are free, University is 10.00). This should be included in the cheque for members, paid to Cambs and Hunts CBA and sent to me.

New members will need to fill in a form with their details. This can be obtained from your club treasurer or myself. Those joining after November 1st and before March 31st only pay 8.75 for their first year.

My Address:    Penny Riley    55, Almoners Ave, Cambridge.    CB1 8NZ