Bridge Horoscope

by Mystic Giles


As Mercury moves into Capricorn, no trump contracts should be avoided. Consider cashing your aces. Beware of grandmasters playing a complicated forcing pass system.


A pre-empt on a singleton could cause a swing. Lucky card: ace of trumps.


With Pluto retrograde, check your bank balance before redoubling. Heart bids may not be what they seem.


He who hesitates is lost: beware of tall dark strangers carrying books. Lucky defence to 1NT: Cansino.


A surprise on Thursday when your partner gives up the game and sues you for somewhat more than a year's table money. Try something other than Reverse Polish Club with the next one.


Have you considered underleading a king? I know it's not recommended by the best authorities, but if you never try it you'll never know.


Sit West on Tuesday and pass throughout on Board 17 for a joint top with all other Librans who follow this advice. Lucky lead against 2s: eight of clubs.


Prepare for a momentous decision around the 14th. Your destiny is in your own hands, but if it's any help, LHO is 4243 and has falsecarded.


Confusion on Wednesday when a misunderstanding about a call for the next round leaves you 50 out of pocket. On the bright side, a tip-off to the local constabulary towards the end of the evening should increase the vacancies in (and your chances of selection for) the club A team.


Leads are fraught with danger. Best to bid again if you think it may be cheaper than letting through a no-play game. Lucky half-time snack in the NICKO: Mr Kipling's Apple Pies (but make sure your opponents aren't fellow Capricorns before offering them any).


Humiliation on Friday afternoon when, after debating a costly revoke with partner against 4s redoubled, you forget to cut your losses by claiming 150 honours. But don't worry, there is a pretty guard squeeze for an overtrick on the next hand to cheer you up. Lucky book on guard squeezes: "Squeeze Play Made Easy" by Reese and Jourdain.


Don't let coming bottom for the second week running bother you. Matters will improve towards the end of the month provided you hire a professional to partner you. Lucky professional: John Young.