Opening leads competition

In each of the following hands, select a lead. Entries should be submitted to either editor before the end of August.

Based to some extent on a consensus view, our judges will award seven marks for the choice of lead, and a further three for reasoning (which should not be unnecessarily long - a one word explanation may suffice!) Feel free to comment if the form of scoring (or vulnerability) matters.

1. Q10843 Q2 752 Q93. Teams, game all. 1c-1h-1NT-P, 3NT.

2. QJ94 Q6 54 J10762. Teams, love all. 1s-P-2c-P, 2s-P-3NT.

3. QJ32 K852 973 A4. Pairs, Oppo vul. 3h-3s-P-4s. (3s showed takeout with spades).

4. KJ97 A954 76 K102. Pairs, Oppo vul. 1NT-P-2c-P, 2s-P-3NT (Sequence likely to have hearts but not guaranteed.)

5. KJ5 Q108 K3 AJ1087. Pairs, Vul. 1NT-P-2d-P, 2h. (Normal transfer.)

6. KJ862 10643 K J52 Pairs, Game all. 1s-P-2h-P, 3c-P-3NT (2h game-forcing)

7. 4 J94 KJ7642 K54 Teams, Oppo vul. 2d-3d-5d-5h, P-6h. (Weak 2d, 3d showed the majors)

The results are here.