Not my day

by an anonymous reader

One morning in June, I made the mistake of getting up. I compounded this folly by making my way to the Young Chelsea Bridge Club in London and then by picking up the East cards below:

E/W Vul
S AQ10632
H J5
D -
Dealer W
S 54
H K98643
D Q10764
C -
W         E
S 8
H A2
D KJ95
C Q109843
S KJ97
H Q107
D A832
C 76

In the other room the auction was

   West       North       East       South   
2h* 4c* P 4d*
P 4s all pass

2h was weak, and 4c was `leaping Michaels' showing 5-5 in the blacks. South cued her ace, and North signed off with two heart losers. My opposite number found the inspired lead of a club, and two ruffs and two hearts soon followed. Bad luck to play the game the wrong way up; worse luck to score up with us...

Our auction went as follows:

   West       North       East       South   
P 1c* P 1s*
P 2s P 3s
P 6s P P
X XX all pass

1c was Precision and the 1s response showed 8+, balanced. North then introduced spades, two natural raises followed and partner, bless him, made a Lightner double, only to find that he was on lead, redoubled.

Well, a heart would have been two off, for one of the harder ways to make +600, but he chose a trump.

Declarer drew two rounds, threw a heart on dA, led a club to dummy, verifying the expected void, and advanced hJ. I now had the choice between allowing partner to win hK and have my hA ruffed out (declarer knows from the lead partner can't have hAK), or going up with the ace and allowing declarer to take a ruffing finesse in hearts. I chose the latter for -1620.

The next day I stayed in bed. It was a great improvement.


Suit holdings quiz

In no trumps, with plenty of entries to both hands, how do you play:

1. AQxxxx opposite Jx

2. KJxx A9xx safely for three tricks

3. AJxx Q9x for three tricks

4. A8xxx 10xx for maximum number of tricks

5. A8xx J9xx for three tricks

6. Axx opposite QJx

7. Q1098x opposite Axxx

Answers next issue. A suitable prize may be awarded to the best solutions received by either editor before 15th December.