Faites vos jeux!

by Giles Woodruff

When you're dummy, does the play of a hand sometimes seem like a game of Roulette? So often partner takes his or her eye off the ball, which subsequently spins merrily and randomly around the table before coming to rest in -800, +530 or whatever. So, fancy a flutter on the hand to the right? Giles Woodruff invites you to place your bets as to who won the second round of trumps, with which card, and on which trick. The play is eminently plausible. When you've decided, look here.

3s by West
S 642
H AK10976
D K7
C J9
hK led
S Q1087
D 86
C AKQ1082
W        E
S K95
H 83
D AQJ542
C 64
H Q542
D 1093
C 753