Solution to the Overbidder's Challenge

Here are the solutions to the four problems to do with low point-count slams:

1. The 7c redoubled hand comes from the James Bond novel "Moonraker." Sadly, the hand was omitted from the film version.

2. The minimum number of points needed to make 7NT is eleven. For example, give dummy AQJ to 12 spades, and the ace of hearts, and the person on lead the rest of the major suit cards. Declarer has - - 765432 8765432, which is a poor hand for no trumps.

3. The only distribution of the E-W cards for which you can make 6s (though only due to the inept club lead - surely a heart stands out?!) is as follows:

Game All
S 10954
H 2
D AQ54
C A1032
S 876
H 876
C 98765
W        E
D 9876
S AK32
H A9543
D 1032
C 4

Win the lead, ruff a club, finesse a diamond, ruff another club and draw two rounds of trumps. A diamond to the ace now allows the last trump to be drawn and the c10 to be cashed. East is now subjected to an elementary trump squeeze. He can only keep four cards. If he comes down to hKQJ and d9 then the d10 is unblocked, before ruffing back to hand to cash the fourth diamond. On the other hand, if he keeps two diamonds and two hearts, declarer crosses to the hA, and ruffs the heart out, still having the d10 as an entry to dummy's good heart.

4. By relying on awful defence 7NT can be made with a Yarborough in both hands:

Game All
S 9753
H 98765432
D 9
C -
S AKQJ108642
H 10
D -
W        E
S -
C J109
S -
H -
D 765432
C 8765432

West leads the s8 won with the nine, East discarding the hA. After another three spades have been cashed, East has parted with his hearts. North now cashes the d9, West carelessly parting with h10, and now the heart suit can be run.