Good Results from Cambs & Hunts Players

22nd June 2008: Cambridge Bridge Club came 4th in the Garden Cities final.

15th June 2008: Chris Jagger, Catherine Jagger, Jonathan Mestel and Julian Wightwight finished 7th in the Pachabo.

8th June 2008: ECL vs Suffolk: A team lost 0 - 20, B team won 17 -3, C team won 13 - 7.

5th June 2008: Cambridge A have reached the semi-finals of the NICKO.

26th May 2008: Paul Fegarty & Catherine Curtis won the Swiss Pairs at the Spring Bank Holiday Congress. Roger Courtney & Robin Cambery came 6th.

24th May 2008: Cambridge Bridge Club qualified for the final of the Garden Cities by finishing 2nd in the regional final.

18th May 2008: ECL vs Bedfordshire: A team lost 3 - 17, B team won 14 - 6, C team won 15 - 5.

18th May 2008: Chris Jagger, Cath Jagger, Julian Wightwick and Jonathan Mestel have retained the County Knockout.

11th May 2008: Many Cambs & Hunts players entered the Clare Swiss Teams. Congratulations to the winners: Stephen Goodwin and Jonathan Taylor from Huntingdon Bridge Club. Ted Shaw & Lorraine Waters were 4th.

11th May 2008: The County Knockout Final will be JAGGER vs KUEH.

6th May 2008: Many congratulations to Chris Jagger for beating a very strong field to win the Spring Foursomes, playing with Ian Pagan, Filip Kurbilija and Tim Rees. They beat the Allfrey team featuring Tony Forrester and Andrew Robson twice, by 32 IMPs in the last match between undefeated teams and by 29 IMPs in the final. Jonathan Mestel, Cath Jagger, Paul Fegarty & Catherine Curtis finished runners up in the Punch Bowl Knockout.

27th April 2008: Joint winners of the Jubilee Pairs were Peter Bhagat & John Liebeschutz, Gladys Gittins & David Carmichael.

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20th April 2008:Catherine Curtis & Paul Fegarty finished 3rd in the National Pairs final.

13th April 2008: Geoff Burbidge & John Frampton won the Novice Players tournament.

Geoff & John: Winners!

13th April 2008: Catherine Jagger played on the England team that regained the Lady Milne Trophy.

10th April 2008: Cambridge A (Jagger) has beaten Thursday A (Caldwell) to reach round 6 (last 16) of the NICKO.

10th April 2008: Fred Allen & David Carmichael from Thursday Club finished 6th overall in the BGB Simultaneous.

3rd April 2008: Catherine Jagger has been selected to represent England in the Lady Milne Trophy 11-13 April and as part of the English ladies squad for the European Championships in June.

30th March 2008: In the Portland Pairs from a total entry of 370, Rod & Sue Oakford were 7th with Nadia Stelmashenko & Victor Milman 8th.

18th March 2008: Thursday A (Joanne Caldwell, David Carmichael, Ian McDonald, Tapan Pal, Kevin Smith & Ian Davies) have also reached round 5 of the NICKO.

16th March 2008: In the National Pairs Regional Final at Peterborough, Paul Fegarty & Catherine Curtis were 10th (leading after session 1), Peter Morgan & Mike Seaver 13th.

16th March 2008: Chris Jagger's team has beaten Paula Leslie's team to reach the final of the Hubert Phillips Bowl.

9th March 2008: Final ECL results in. After an undistinguished season, the A team finished 7th of 8 teams and the B and C teams finished 6th.

9th March 2008: Cambridge A have reached round 5 of the NICKO, defeating the Kings Lynn team who had previously beaten 3 other Cambridge teams. Cambridge B have also reached round 5.

2nd March 2008: Catherine Jagger came 4th in the Grand Masters Pairs.

2nd March 2008: Catherine Jagger has been selected to represent England in the Lady Milne in April.

24th February 2008: Chris & Catherine Jagger finished 3rd of 166 pairs in the Swiss Pairs at the Harrogate Congress.

24th February 2008: Chris & Catherine Jagger, Ian Pagan, Julian Wightwick & Jonathan Mestel have reached the semi-finals of the 2008 Hubert Phillips Bowl. Cambridge A and B have reached round 4 of the NICKO.

24th February 2008: ECL vs Northants: A team lost 7 - 13, B team lost 4 - 16, c TEAM LOST 3 - 17.

17th February 2008: Rod Oakford & Victor Milman won the final of the County Pairs.

17th February 2008: 2007 Masterpoint lists published. Chris & Catherine Jagger lead the Cambs & Hunts players.

10th February 2008: Cambs & Huts finished 3rd in the Tollemache final. Butler results on local Tolle page.

3rd February 2008: ECL vs Bedfordshire: A team lost 0 - 20, B team lost 5 - 15, C team drew 10 - 10.

27th January 2008: Catherine Jagger finished 5th in the National Women's Pairs. Nadia Stelmashenko & Sue Oakford were 6th. Chris Jagger finished 9th in the Men's Pairs.

20th January 2008: Peter Jackson won the final of the County Individual.

20th January 2008: ECL vs University: A team lost 6 - 14, B team won 12 - 8, C team won 12 - 8.

18th January 2008: The EBU have published the first edition of their new club newsletter: Club Focus.

1st January 2008: Year End Congress. Paul Fegarty & Catherine Curtis finished 3rd of 162 in the Swiss Pairs.

25th November 2007: Cambs & Hunts qualify comfortably for the final of the Tollemache by winning thier group. More details on the Tollemache page.

24th November 2007: Chris Jagger's team has reached the quarter-finals of the Hubert Phillips Bowl.

18th November 2007: Young Kieran Tilley (aged 12) helped his team from Peterborough to win the fourth place prize in the Swiss teams at the Middlesex congress. Playing with his father Mark, and team mates Trevor and Marion King, they finished 4th of 59 teams with a very creditable 95 VPs in a very competitive field.

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4th November 2007: David Kendrick played on the team finishing 2nd in the Eastbourne Bowl (premier team of four competition at the Autumn Congress). Chris Jagger's team finished 5th. Cath Jagger & Jonathan Mestel came 4th in the Burlington Cup.

3rd November 2007: Chris Jagger won the Two Stars Pairs at the Autumn Congress playing with Ian Pagan. Cath Jagger & Jonathan Mestel came 8th. Victor Milman & Nadia Stelmashenko finished 12th in the Satellite Pairs Final.

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28th October 2007: Chris Larlham, David Kendrick, Rod Oakford & Sue Oakford won the Cambs & Hunts Swiss Teams.

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21st October 2007: Eastern Counties League vs Essex: A team won 13 - 7, B team won 18 -2, C team lost 8 -12.

21st October 2007: (Belated) congratulations to Andrew Wilkinson for qualifying as County Tournament Director, with distinction.

7th October 2007: Paula Leslie finished 2nd in the Felixstowe Congress, playing on a team with ex C&H members Gareth Birdall and Sonia Zakrewski.

7th October 2007: Trevor King won the Men's Pairs at the West of England Congress, playing with Ian Clarke.

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6th October 2007: The England Women's team, including Cath Jagger, finished 8th in the round robin of the Venice Cup and have qualified for the quarter-finals where they will play China. Update: in a very close match so far, England are 4 IMPs up at the mid-point. Unfortunately, China won comfortably on the final day of the quarter-final.

England Team for Venice Cup

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30th September 2007: Rod & Sue Oakford, Victor Milman and Nadia Stelmashenko finished 3rd in the Hertfordshire One Day Green Point Swiss Teams.

22nd September 2007: Cambridge A (Jagger, Jagger, Pagan, Wightwick) have reached the fourth round of the 2008 Hubert Phillips Bowl.

9th September 2007: Cambs & Hunts lost all three matches in the ECL vs Herts: A team lost 2 - 18, B team lost 6 - 14, C team lost 4 - 16.

9th September 2007: Cath Jagger won the National Womens Teams (Whitelaw Cup). Sue Oakford & Nadia Stelmashenko reached the semi-finals.

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5th September 2007: Cambridge A have reached the semifinals of the 2007 NICKO.

5th September 2007: belated news from Brighton:

16th July 2007: Cambridge A have reached the quarter finals of the NICKO.

15th July 2007: Cambs & Hunts lost the A and B team matches in the ECL vs Suffolk.

15th July 2007: The Cambs & Hunts C team played in the National County league finals - finishing second after leading at the halfway stage. The team was David Carmichael, Gladys Gittins, Dominic Clark, Wendy Pollard, Brian Last, Jenny Jacobsberg, Nick Bull and Cynthia Bull.

7th July 2007: Mike Seaver and Peter Morgan finished 3rd in the B final of the Championship Pairs at the Summer Seniors Congress.

17th June 2007: Rod & Sue Oakford, Nadia Stelmashenko & Victor Milman finished 2nd in the Suffollk One Day Swiss Teams.

15th June 2007: Peterborough Club have raised £420 for the Peterborough Branch of The Huntingdon's Disease Association, through a club evening with a short talk from the chairman of the Peterborough Branch.

10th June 2007: The Cambs & Hunts team finished 5th of 29 teams in the final of the Pachabo (for County team of four champions).

3rd June 2007: Catherine Curtis & Paul Fegarty finished 7th in the Corwen Trophy (for top finishers in County pairs competitions).

3rd June 2007: Trevor & Marion King won the John Colley trophy (teams consolation final) at the Yorkshire Congress.

1st June 2007: Cambs & Hunts welcomes Peterborough Bridge Club.

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