County Teams Plate 2012 / 2013

First time losers (in the preliminary round or first round) of the County Teams Knockout may enter the plate competition (local masterpoints are awarded).

Preliminary Round

P1 Tommy Brass beat Philip Jones
P2 Shaun Ng lost to Trevor King w\o
P3 Adrian Lui lost to Brian Copping by 5 IMPs
P4 David Collier beat Michael Boyd by 17 IMPs


Q1 Tommy Brass lost to Malcolm Anderson by 5 IMPs
Q2 Trevor King beat Peter Jackson by 125 IMPs
Q3 Brian Copping beat Jo Patten by 12 IMPs
Q4 David Collier beat Wendy Pollard by 61 IMPs


S1 Malcolm Anderson lost to Trevor King by 4 IMPs
S2 Brian Copping lost to David Collier by 64 IMPs


Trevor King vs David Collier