The Overbidder's Challenge

1. From which book was the following famous hand taken, in which the hero makes 7c redoubled?

Game All
S -
H -
D Q8765432
C AQ1084
W        E
S 65432
H 109872
D J109
C -
S 10987
H 6543
D -
C 76532

2. What is the minimum number of points needed to make 7NT against best defence?

3. You reach 7s on the following slender values - plan the play when North leads the c9. (Assuming that the opening leader has not underled KQJ, there is only one possible lie of the cards where you can make the contract.)

S AK32
H A9543
D 1032
C 4
W        E
S 10954
H 2
D AQ54
C A1032

4. Often, rather than relying on brilliant play, you rely on awful defence. Can 7NT ever be made with a Yarborough in both hands? If not, what is the least combined strength for which it can be?

Look here for the results.