News from 2004 / 2005

12th June 2005: Congratulations to Catherine Jagger, Jonathan Mestel, Julian Wightwick & Chris Jagger for finishing 2nd in the Pachabo.

28th May 2005: Chris Jagger & Ian Pagan finished 7th of an original entry of 150 in the Championship Pairs at the Spring Bank Holiday Congress. Nidia Stelmashenko & Victor Milman were 14th with Roger Courtney & Robin Cambery 21st. Catherine Jagger & Jonathan Mestel won the Swiss Pairs.

21st May 2005: Cambridge came 4th in the regional final of the Garden Cities.

15th May 2005: Roger Gibbons, Alan Kay, Rod Oakford & Don McFarlane came 5th in the Bedfordshire Swiss Teams. Nadia Stelmashenko, Victor Milman, Sue Oakford & Robin Cambery were equal 8th.

14th May 2005: Mike Seaver & Iain Watson finished 7th in the Northamptonshire Swiss Pairs.

8th May 2005: Chris Jagger, Cath Jagger, Ian Pagan & Julian Wightwick finished 8th in the final of the Crockfords Cup. Jonathan Mestel helped them qualify for the final.

6th May 2005: Chris Jagger, Catherine Jagger, Julian Wightwick, Jonathan Mestel won the final of the County Knockout.

1st May 2005: The Cambs & Hunts League is close to completion.

1st May 2005: National Knockout event update:

24th April 2005: The Jubilee Swiss Pairs was won by Fred Langford & Mike Lloyd.

21st April 2005: Sue Oakford, Nadia Stelmashenko, Eryl Howard & Eric Campbell have won the County Teams Knock Out Plate, beating Rob Richardson's Team by 26 IMPs.

17th April 2005: Cath Jagger played on the winning England team in the Lady Milne Trophy. Cath & Sarah Teshome finished top of the Butler rankings.

17th April 2005: Chris Jagger & Ian Pagan finished 2nd in the National Pairs Final.

14th April 2005: Knock Out events update:

3rd April 2005: Rod Oakford & Sue Oakford finished 9th in the Portland Pairs.

31st March 2005: The final of the County Knockout will be between JAGGER and MAY.

20th March 2005: Knock Out events update:

19th March 2004: Dennis Beaumont & Valerie Beaumont won the New Players Tournament.

21st February 2005: Rod Oakford & Jonathan Mestel won the County Pairs final.

20th February 2005: Nadia Stelmashenko and Sue Oakford finished second in their qualifying round of the National Women's Teams and went on to reach the semi-finals of the Whitelaw Cup. Cath Jagger came 2nd in the B final.

13th February 2005: Cambs & Hunts finished equal 3rd in the final of the Tollemache Cup.

30th January 2005: Cath Jagger came 2nd in the National Ladies Pairs, playing with Sarah Teshome.

30th January 2005: Cambs & Hunts vs Suffolk: A team lost 6-14, B team won 11-9, C team won 14-6.

23rd January 2005: Chris Jagger came equal fifth in the National Swiss Teams, playing with ex Cambs & Hunts players Graham Osborne, Frances Hinden & Jeffrey Allerton.

23rd January 2005: Gladys Gittins won the County Individual.

18th December 2004: Cambridge A (Chris Jagger, Catherine Jagger, Gareth Birdsall, Julian Wightwick) lost in the final of the NICKO.

5th December 2004: CAMBRIDGE 1 (Julian Wightwick, Sheila Parker, Jonathan Mestel, David Kendrick, Rod Oakford, Sue Oakford, Victor Milman, Nadia Stelmashenko) won the Cambs & Hunts qualifying heat for the Garden Cities.

28th November 2004: Cambs & Hunts comfortably qualified for the final of the Tollemache by finishing second in their heat.

21st November 2004: Cambs & Hunts vs University: A team lost 0-20, B team won 12-8, C team won 18-2.

14th November 2004: congratulations to Cath Jagger who finished second in the England Women's trials to qualify again to represent England in the Lady Milne Trophy.

7th November 2004: David Kendrick finished second in the A final of the Championship Pairs at the Seniors Congress, playing with Kath Nelson.

31st October 2004: The Cambs & Hunts Open Swiss Teams was won by Margaret and Roger Chaplin, Malcolm Anderson, Peter Somerfield. The Newcomers' Teams was won by Peter Grice, Keith Fearn, Andrew Wilkinson, Ruth Katz.

24th October 2004: Cambs & Hunts vs Bedfordshire: A team lost 7-13; B team won 14-6; C team lost 2-18.

17th October 2004: a tremendous victory for David Kendrick & Victor Milman in the Two Stars pairs at the Autumn Congress. Ian Pagan & Chris Jagger came 9th with Jonathan Mestel & Cath Jagger 22nd. Chris, Ian, Cath & Jonathan finished 5th in the Eastbourne Bowl (teams championship), with Victor & David 11th playing with Gareth Birdsall & Sonia Zakrewski.

10th October 2004: Cambs & Hunts vs Northants: A team drew 10-10, B team lost 1-19, C team won 19-1.

10th October 2004: Cath Jagger lies in third place after the first weekend of the English Women's trials.

3rd October 2004: Chris Jagger finished equal third in the Great Northern Swiss Pairs.

26th September 2004: Victor Milman, Nadia Stelmashenko, Eric Campbell & Alan Sparkes came equal second in the Leicestershire Swiss Teams.

25th September 2004: Victor Milman & Nadia Stelmashenko came equal 4th in the Derbyshire Swiss Pairs.

19th September 2004: In the ECL match vs Norfolk, Cambs & Hunts won one match and lost two (A team won 11-9; B team lost 6-14; C team lost 3-17).

5th September 2004: CAMBRIDGE A (Chris Jagger, Cath Jagger, Julian Wightwick, Gareth Birdsall & Ed Linfield) have reached the final of the NICKO where they will play a strong Coventry team including John Collings.

22nd August 2004: Chris Jagger lies second in the latest Gold Point rankings. Other players from Cambs & Hunts in the top 200 are: Ian Pagan (7), Catherine Jagger (10), David Kendrick (143). Roger Gibbons (155), Gareth Birdsall (165), Jonathan Mestel (188), Giles Woodruff (190), Paul Fegarty (198).

15th August 2004: Chris Jagger and Ian Pagan finished 2nd of 574 pairs in the Swiss Pairs at the Brighton Congress. Road & Sue Oakford came equal 48th. Cath Jagger played on the team that finished 4th in the B final of the Swiss Teams (original entry of 219 teams). Suzanne Cohen and Paul Leslie played on the team that finished 2nd in the Swiss Teams.

1st August 2004: Chris Jagger, Catherine Jagger, Ian Pagan and Julian Wightwick lost in the final of the Hubert Phillips Bowl (English open mixed teams of four championship, pivit teams with aggregate scoring).

13th June 2004: Chris Jagger, Catherine Jagger, Jonathan Mestel & Julian Wightwick won the Pachabo Cup for Cambs & Hunts (County teams of four championship).

6th June 2004: Chris Jagger & Ian Pagan finished 7th of 109 pairs in the Corwen Trophy. Don McFarlane & Gareth Birdsall were 20th; Mike Seaver & Peter Bhagat 36th.

6th June 2004: The Jubilee Pairs was won by Rod & Sue Oakford.

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