2010 / 2011 Tournament Winners

Event Winners
County Pairs Chris Jagger & Jon Cooke
County Individual Zona Lacy
Jubilee Swiss Pairs Marion & Trevor King
County Teams Knockout Chris Jagger, Catherine Jagger, Julian Wightwick, Jonathan Mestel
County Teams Plate Matt May, Niel Pimblett, Trevor Martin, Tristan Williams
Open Swiss Teams Mary Knights, Terry Knights, G Hedley, B Hedley
Garden Cities Qualifier Cambridge (Rod Oakford, Sue Oakford, Mike Seaver, Julian Wightwick, Victor Milman, Nadia Stelmashenko, Paul Fegarty, Ctherine Curtis)
Novice Pairs Tournament Maureen Cahill & Jean Murray
C&H League Division 1

Ely 1 (Peter Burrows)

C&H League Division 2 Thursday 1 (Joanne Caldwell)
C&H League Division 3 Huntingdon 3 (Pete Somerfield)
C&H League Division 4 Thursday 4 (David Man)

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19th June 2011: Cambridge (Chris Jagger, Jon Cooke, Cath Jagger, Jonathan Mestel, Julian Wightwick, Mike Seaver, Rod Oakford, Sue Oakford) finished 3rd in the Garden Cities final.

12th June 2011: Cambs & Hunts (Chirs Jagger, Cath Jagger, Julian Wightwick, Jonathan Mestel) came 3rd in the Pachabo (for County teams of four winners).

5th June 2011: Corwen Trophy - Chris Jagger & Jon Cooke came 15th, Catherine Curtis & Paul Fegarty 20th.

29th May 2011: Chris Jagger and Ian Pagan cam 3rd in the Championship Pairs. Joanne Caldwell & Ian McDonald also qualified for the A final. John Cooke & Cath Jagger played on the team that finished 3rd in the Swiss Teams.

15th May 2011: ECL vs Essex: A Team won 15-5, B Team lost 0-20, C team won 14-6.

8th May 2011: The remaining C&H teams (Cambridge A, Cambridge University B) lost in the last 32 of the NICKO.

3rd May 2011: Jon Cooke reached the semi-finals of the Spring Foursomes in Stratford.

18th April 2011: Chris Jagger, Julian Wightwick, Catherine Jagger & Jonathan Mestel have won the County Knockout, beating Catherine Curtis's team in the final.

18th April 2011: Matt May, Niel Pimblett, Trevor Martin & Tristan Williams have won the County Plate, beating Wendy Pollard's team in the final.

17th April 2011: Catherine & Chris Jagger won the National Pairs over 7 sessions. Mike Seaver & Rod Oakford finished 20th.

17th April 2011: Marion & Trevor King won the County Swiss Pairs. Colin Holehouse & David Mansell were the leading pair ranked 1* Master or below.

Marion & Trevor King          Colin Holehouse & David Mansell

16th April 2011: Maureen Cahill & Jean Murray won the Novice Pairs Tournament.

9th April 2011: Cambridge won the Garden Cities Qualifier.

20th March 2011: Catherine & Chris Jagger won the National Pairs Regional Final at Peterborough, with Rod Oakford & Mike Seaver in second place.

6th March 2011: Success for Cambs & Hunts players at the Ranked Masters Pairs. Chris Jagger & Ian Pagan won the Premier Grand Masters. Tanawan Watts & Dominic Clark won the Regional Masters, Henry Lockwood & Matthew Johnson won the Masters.

Tanawan & Dominic     Chris Jagger

23rd February 2011: Chris Jagger's team has reached the last 32 of Crockfords. Camridge University B, Peterborough B, Cambridge A and Cambridge C have reached the last 64 of the NICKO. Cambridge University A & B have reached the quarter-finals of the Portland Bowl.

20th February 2011: ECL vs Suffolk: A team lost 5 - 15, B team lost 3 - 17, C team lost 3 - 17.

13th February 2011: Cambs & Hunts (Jon Cooke, David Kendrick, Paul Barden, Jonathan Mestel, Julian Wightwick, Giles Woodruff, Chris Jagger, Catherine Jagger) finished 4th in the Tollemache final.

7th February 2011: Chris Jagger & Jon Cooke won the County Pairs final.

23rd January 2011: ECL vs Bedfordshire: A team lost 4-16, B team lost 7-13, C team won 16-4.

16th January 2011: Zona Lacy won the County Individual final; Simon Stokes finished second.

Zona Lacy

30th December 2010: Victor Milman, Nadia Stelmashenko and David Kendrick won the Swiss Teams at the Year End Congress in London. Two days earlier David Kendrick had finished fourth in the Swiss Pairs.

12th December 2010: ECL vs Norfolk: A team lost 7 - 13, B team lost 7 - 13, C team lost 3 - 17.

12th December 2010: Knockout update. Chris Jagger's team has reached the quarter-finals of the Hubert Phillips and will play Dave Harrison's team in the third round of Crockfords. Catherine Curtis's team reached the quarter-finals of the Gold Cup, where they lost to the No. 1 seeds.

28th November 2010: ECL vs Cambridge University: A team lost 7 - 13, B team lost 10 -10 (University did not field a C team).

21st November 2010: Cambs & Hunts won their group in the Tollemache Cup to qualify for the final.  The team was: Chris Jagger, Cath Jagger, Paul Barden, Jonathan Mestel, David Kendrick, Jon Cooke, Julian Wightwick and Giles Woodruff.

9th November 2010: Quick updates (other pages to be updated soon). 

30th October 2010: The Cambs & Hunts Swiss Teams was won by the Knights and The Hedleys.  David Man's team won the ascenders' prize.

8th October 2010: Dave Harrison has received a Dimmie Fleming award for services to bridge (see the < AHREF="HTTP: harrison.htm?target=_top Dimmie10 awards general www.ebu.co.uk>EBU sitefor details).

12th September 2010: Jonathan Mestel, David Kendrick, Cath Jagger, Paul Fegarty, Catherine Curtis (and Sarah Teshome) won the < AHREF="HTTP: www.ebu.co.uk BDivision1.htm?target=_top B_div_1 Pleague 2010January-July results>B division of the Premier League.

5th September 2010: Catherine Jagger won the < AHREF="HTTP: www.ebu.co.uk 2010January-July results Index.htm?target=_top WomensTeams>National Womens Teams.

Brighton Congress (August 2010): Chris Jagger finished 4th of 352 pairs in the < AHREF="HTTP: www.ebu.co.uk 2010January-July results SwissPairsS4a.htm?target=_top SwissPairs Brighton>Swiss Pairs.

15th July 2010: Cambs & Hunts A team finished third in the < AHREF="HTTP: www.ebu.co.uk 2010January-July results index.htm?target=_top CountyLeaguesFinal>EBU County League Winners Finals.


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