News from 2003 / 2004

13th June 2004: Chris Jagger, Catherine Jagger, Jonathan Mestel & Julian Wightwick won the Pachabo Cup for Cambs & Hunts (County teams of four championship).

6th June 2004: Chris Jagger & Ian Pagan finished 7th of 109 pairs in the Corwen Trophy. Don McFarlane & Gareth Birdsall were 20th; Mike Seaver & Peter Bhagat 36th.

6th June 2004: The Jubilee Pairs was won by Rod & Sue Oakford.

15th May 2004: Chris & Catherine Jagger played on the winning team in the Bedfordshire Green Point Swiss Teams.

9th May 2004: Cambs & Hunts lost two matches and one one in the first Eastern Counties League match of the season against Essex: A team lost 0 - 20, B team lost 3 - 17, C team won 12 - 8.

29th April 2004: ELY 1 (John & Julie Aspinall, Peter & Myra Burrows) have won division 1 of the Cambs & Hunts League.

18th April 2004: Chris Jagger & Ian Pagan finish 5th in the National Pairs Final.

16th April 2004: JAGGER beat CHAPMAN to win the County Knockout.

15th April 2004: The County Plate Final will be contested by COPPING and MAY. The County Knockout final takes place on 16th April.

28th March 2004: Chris Jagger & Ian Pagan finished second in the Eastern Counties Qualifying Heat for the National Pairs. Rod & Sue Oakford and Roger Courtney & Robin Cambery also qualified.

26th March 2004: CAMBRIDGE 2 (Eryl Howard, Victor Milman, Eric Campbell, Alan Sparkes, Graham Dolan) have won division 2 of the Cambs & Hunts League. HUNTINGDON 1 were 2nd.

14th March 2004: Cambs & Hunts won all three matches in the final Eastern Counties League match of the season against Suffolk: A team won 11 - 9, B team won 14 - 6, C team won 12 - 8.

7th March 2004: Congratulations to David Kendrick, who has become Cambs & Hunts' latest Grand Master.

28th February 2004: Chris Jagger finished equal 3rd in the Swiss Pairs at the Harrogate Congress. Chris & Catherine Jagger came 7th in the Swiss Teams.

28th February 2004: Catherine Jagger played on a team which reached the semi-finals of the National Women's Teams. Nadia Stelmashenko & Sue Oakford reached the quarter-finals.

22nd February 2004: Gareth Birdsall & Don McFarlane won the County Pairs.

13th February 2004: Cambs & Hunts finish 3rd in the final of the Tollemache.

1st February 2004: ECL results vs Bedfordshire: A team won 16 - 4, B team won 11 - 9, C team lost 7 - 13.

25th January 2004: David Kendrick & Victor Milman came 3rd in the National Men's Pairs. Catherine Jagger came 4th in the National Women's Pairs. Nadia Stelmaskenko & Sue Oakford were 5th.

25th January 2004: Sheila Barker won the County Individual final.

7th December 2003: Cambridge 1 won the Cambs & Hunts Qualifier for the Garden Cities.

30th November 2003: Cambs & Hunts qualify for the final of the Tollemache.

23rd November 2003: ECL results vs Cambridge University: A team won 17 - 3, B team won 15 - 5, C team lost 6 - 14.

9th November 2003: ECL results vs Norfolk: A team lost 8 - 12, B team won 17 - 3, C team won 20 - 0.

26th October 2003: The Newmarket Open Swiss Teams was won by Mike Seaver, Audrey Stenner, Charles King, Ken Firth. The Newcomers Teams was won by Brian Ford, Sue Ford, Jane Paine, Dee Dubock.

18th October 2003: Chris Jagger finished 3rd in the Two Stars final at the Autumn Congress. David Kendrick & Victor Milman were 5th. Gareth Birdsall, Sonia Zakrzewski, Victor Milman, & David Kendrick came equal 4th in the Eastbourne Bowl.

12th October 2003: ECL results vs Northants: A team lost 3 - 17, B team drew 10 - 10, C team won 11 - 9.

5th October 2003: Catherine Jagger finished 9th in the Great Northern Swiss Pairs.

28th September 2003: Chris & Catherine Jagger won the Hertfordshire Green Point Swiss Teams.

27th September 2003: Chris Jagger finished 2nd in the Derbyshire Green Point Swiss Pairs.

15th September 2003: Victor Milman & Nadia Stelmashenko came 10th of 1824 pairs in the EBU Autumn Simultaneous Pairs.

10th August 2003: Chris Jagger came 4th in the Swiss Pairs at the Brighton Congress.

10th August 2003: Gareth Birdsall has been selected to represent England in the world youth team championships later this month.

6th July 2003: James Chapman and Geraint Harker finished 4th in the first stage of the Junior Trials. Paul Huggins and Toby Kenney were 5th. Both pairs qualified for the second stage of the trials.

6th July 2003: Cambridge A have reached the quarter finals of the NICKO.

29th June 2003: Cambs & Hunts won one match and lost two in the Eastern Counties League match against Essex.

26th June 2003: The winners of each division in the Cambs & Hunts League have now been decided, although there is still one match to play in divisions 1 and 3. Cottenham won division 2, Thursday 2 won division 3 and Saffron Walden 3 won division 4.

25th June 2003: Chris Jagger finished 19th of 338 pairs in the Open Pairs Qualifier at the European Championships.

22nd June 2003: Cambridge 1 (Ann Curtin, John Turner, Cynthia Kirkby, Bob Speller) have won division 1 of the Cambs & Hunts League.

15th June 2003: Cambs & Hunts (Chris Jagger, Julian Wightwick, Catherine Jagger, Jonathan Mestel) finished 4th of 32 in the Pachabo Cup.

14th June 2003: Apologies for recent down time on this web site. The hosting machine at was suffering from a Denial of Service (SYN flood) attack. This should now be resolved.

8th June 2003: Rod & Sue Oakford finished 5th of 120 in the Corwen Trophy. Joanne Caldwell & Kevin Smith were 8th.

8th June 2003: Catherine Jagger played on the England team that won the Lady Milne Trophy.

1st June 2003: The Jubilee Swiss Pairs was won by Gareth Birdsall and Sonia Zakrewski. The 2002/2003 tournament calendar has now been completed. The calendar for next year should be available soon.

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